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Candidates who want to prepare PMA Test. Here they can prepare for PMA Initial Test as well as ISSB Test. Before preparation read complete article and follow step by step guideline.

PMA Long Course Test is not a test as students pass in matric or intermediate level exams. Its totally different from school level or college level exams.

To pass PMA Initial Test first of all check PMA Test Syllabus and then check paper Pattern. Here are some example of PMA Long Course Initial Test with paper pattern.

PMA Test Preparation Step By step Guide

PMA Test contains Multiple choice Questions MCQs. Each Question has four options including a right answer. Candidate has to just read the Question statement to chose right answer. They can skip Question if they don’t know the answer. They may also guess the right answer from given 4 options.

MCQs divided into three categories

  • PMA Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non verbal Intelligence Test
  • PMA Academic Test

Total MCQ of PMA Initial Test are divided in following pattern.

  • 1st Step: 85 MCQs of Verbal intelligence Test
  • 2nd Step: 85 MCQs of Non Verbal Intelligence Test
  • 3rd Step: 50 MCQs of PMA Academic Test


Candidate has to solve step wise test in given sequence as start from (1st step) verbal intelligence test. If he pass step 1 than he will redirect to start non verbal intelligence test (2nd step). Only Successful candidate from Intelligence Tests will allow to start Academic (3rd Step).

PMA Initial Test Pattern

These steps are important to clear in PMA Initial Test. Candidate who fail in any step will not participate in next step. Initial 3 steps are on the same day and  candidate has to perform Initial test (Verbal + non verbal + academic ) on computer step by step. Look at the given bellow steps Of PMA initial Test.

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PMA Verbal Intelligence Test

Most of us don’t know What is verbal intelligence Test? Why verbal test include in Pakistan Army initial Test? Simple answer of these question is that this is a test to measures the ability to use, analyse and understand language. This test is used to determine the level of understanding in language, writing, comprehensive and memory skills.

PMA Verbal Test MCQs Distribution

There are total 85-90 MCQs to solve in 30 minutes.  Here are some sample Files for PMA Verbal Intelligence Test.

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Long Course Preparation Book

Sample Of PMA Verbal Test

PMA Verbal Intelligence Test

Download PMA Verbal Intelligence Test PDF

Non Verbal Intelligence Test

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test is used to measure nonverbal reasoning. It’s used to analyze and understand visual information & solve problems using visual reasoning. i.e: identifying similarities, relationships, and differences between patterns and shapes, recognizing relationships between objects.

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PMA Non Verbal Test MCQs distribution

In the Verbal intelligence Test candidate has to solve 85-90 MCQs within 30 minutes. Each MCQs have four options. select a suitable option as the answer.

Sample Of PMA Non-Verbal Test

PMA Non Verbal Intelligence Test

Download PMA Non Verbal Intelligence Test PDF

PMA Academic Test

The academic portion of the PMA Long Course contains 50 MCQs to solve within 25 minutes. Academic test MCQs are from given below subjects.

  • Short Math
  • Pak Study
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • World G.K
  • History of Sub-continent
  • English Portion

Academic MCQs are important to solve. For the academic portion touch the above subjects and solve subject wise MCQs. You can also download Some PDF files of PMA Academic Test PDF files to understand the paper patterns. It’s the difficult part of the PMA Long course initial test. Many candidates fail to clear that part.

PMA Academic Test Islamic Study Notes

Download PMA Academic Test PDF

PMA Long Course Previous Test MCQs

Some MCQs are repeated in the PMA Long course test. During one course Test, many MCQs may repeat. Therefore students want to get PMA Past papers and MCQs of previous PMA Tests. This is possible to collect data for each PMA Long Course code i.e PMA 147 Test MCQs PMA 148 Test MCQs, PMA 149 Test MCQs, and so on.

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Long Course Preparation Book

How we can get Today PMA Test MCQs? Most students request PMA old data like past papers or Previous Test MCQs. We can not share these details with anyone. But students can download and get PMA daily wise MCQs during any PMA Test schedule.

PMA Test MCQs 

Here are some PMA MCQs repeated in many PMA Test series. You can download these PDF files for preparation. Our Team tries to convert daily wise Test data from candidates who appears in PMA Long Course Test. For this purpose we ask them to join our PMA WhatsApp Group where they can get PMA Test guide and study notes and also they can participate with our Team to collect data of daily PMA Test.

We request to all candidates to share MCQs of PMA Long Course Test which they experience on PMA Test Day. This act will help others. We share Daily wise details on Our website and also we share PDF file of daily PMA Test MCQs in WhatsApp group.

How to Prepare for PMA Initial Test

For PMA Long Course Test Preparation arrange given bellow Study Stuff

  • PMA Verbal Intelligence Test Notes
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test Notes
  • PMA academic Test Notes
  • Pakistan Army History Book
  • Army Interview Guide Book

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At 1st stage only prepare Verbal, Non verbal, and Academic study notes. After the initial test successful candidates will undergo Medical and physical tests.

For more information about Pakistan Armed forces specially about Join PAK Army. Our team will always here to help you.


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