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Students who want to join Pakistan Army in any category can join our PMA WhatsApp group. Here we create a WhatsApp group for the Students Guide. This group of PMA Long Course is specially designed for the Army Initial Test guide and ISSB Test discussion.

Do you want to join Pakistan Army through PMA Long Course Registration? If yes then it will be helpful to you. You can join the PMA WhatsApp group to discuss PMA Verbal Intelligence Test, PMA Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, PMA Academic Test. Here we also share important materials about PMA Test Preparation.

Join PMA WhatsApp Group Link

To Join the Army WhatsApp group you have to click on the given below joining link. If a link does not work or full (Member space exceeds 257). you can try the next link. PMA WhatsApp groups are created for the Student guide. We want to help them with PMA Test Preparation.

Before joining any group please read instructions about joining and group rules. PMA WhatsApp group rules are mentioned in the group description. If a candidate did not follow the rules we have the right to remove him from the group.

Here you can join WhatsApp groups for test Guides and preparation only. We can provide test preparation material. It depends upon you, either you are prepared or not.

WhatsApp group for PMA Test Preparation

Students can join these groups for PMA test preparation. They can also share study stuff in these groups. Allah loves those who share knowledge. We also share PDF files for PMA Test Preparation.

  • PMA WhatsApp Group Link 11xxbt
  • PMA WhatsApp Group Link 11xxbu

Join one of the above groups. if the group is not full then wait till group members reached up to 257. When group members reach 257 then we start online preparation. Daily basis classes and tasks will be shared in the group. We request All members to share their responses.

Students must have to solve daily MCQs for the Verbal intelligence Test, Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, and Academic Test. Don’t forget to submit your answers daily basis.

Keep in touch with us for more information and PMA Past MCQs. We will also share past MCQs of PMA Long Course 146, PMA Long Course 147, and PMA Long Course 148 current MCQs. These MCQs will help you to understand PMA Test Pattern.

Pakistan Army Test system is not difficult. Average students can easily pass if they prepare for this. Students can Preparation of PMA Long Course Test and all other Army tests.

We will also add more WhatsApp groups for regular test preparation. You can join the Army WhatsApp group for given bellow Test preparation

  • PMA Long Course Test Preparation
  • Army Medical cadet Test
  • AFNS Admission Test
  • Army test for Soldiers joining
  • Technical Cadet Course Test
  • Army Medical College Admission Test
  • Short Service commission Selection Test
  • Army selection test to join Army after matric

Students can also join our Army Jobs WhatsApp Group to get notifications about Pakistan Army jobs 2021. Keep in touch with us through WhatsApp for the new opening position in Pakistan Army. Our team is also working on candidate’s online registration.

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WhatsApp Group Rules

Students who want to join PMA WhatsApp groups should have to follow these Group Rules.

  • Always keep to the purpose of the PMA group.
  • Don’t share irrelevant messages.
  • Irrelevant link sharing is prohibited.
  • Don’t spam the group.
  • Only Admins can share posts.
  • Active members can ask for admin rights.
  • Any member can leave the group at any time.
  • members can send a private message to the admin.
  • Admin has the right to remove any member at any time, without notification.

You Can Ask any question at

Other Whatsapp Group Links

There are some useful WhatsApp group links for Test preparation.

  • Pakistan Navy Whatsapp Groups
  • PAF Whatsapp Group
  • NUMS MDCAT Whatsapp group
  • National MDCAT Whatsapp group

These WhatsApp groups are created by for students who want to join Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force or want to get admission in Army medical college through Army Medical Cadet Course 2021.

Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family, Sharing is caring. team works on special notes for Test preparation of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, And Pakistan Air Force. Students can also place an online order by click on the given below links or place an order through WhatsApp.

  • PMA Test Preparation Notes (Academic portion)
  • PMA Test Preparation Book (ultimate guide)
  • Army medical college Book (Complete joining procedure)
  • Pak Navy Guide Book (Navy joining procedure)
  • PAF Test Preparation Notes (Academic portion)
  • Navy Study notes (academic Portion)

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Long Course Preparation Book

you can place an online order or WhatsApp now 0310-6867602:

write message with details:

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Copy of PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

Pakistan Armed Forces Test Preparation Booklet

For more information and guideline please contact us or leave a reply in comment section.


  1. Zain
  2. Ahmad
  3. Uzair
  4. Nouman
  5. Ali
  6. muneeb waqas
  7. Ahsan
  8. Fayaz Ahmed
  9. Imran
  10. M.Farhan
  11. Mubashir mushtaq
  12. abdul wahab
  13. Muhammad Tayyab
  14. Muhammad Touseef
  15. Muhammad Touseef
  16. Saleemullah
  17. Zain Ali
  18. Saadi
  19. Asif Raza
  20. Muhammad Naeem
  21. Umair Ahmad
  22. Abdul wahab
  23. Sana Ullah
  24. Hamza
  25. AbdulAhad
  26. Haider Ali
  27. Hamza
  28. Naveed babar
  29. Mratib Ali
  30. Sakhawat ali
  31. Muhammad Kamran
  32. Arshad ali
  33. Masroor Habib
  34. Abdullah malik
  35. Sohail hussain
  36. Malik Muhammad Saeed Awan
  37. Faran Amjad
  38. Muhammad tauseeq khan
  39. Muhammad tauseeq khan
  40. Muhammad tauseeq khan
  41. M .Usama bin Waheed
  42. Muhammad adnan afzal
  43. Taimoor
  44. Ejaz Ahmad
  45. Ejaz Ahmad
  46. Ejaz Ahmad
  48. Abeesha Arif
  49. Nabeel
  50. Saqlain Gulraiz
  51. Hamza
  52. M.Nouman Saeed
  53. Wahab
  54. Hamza Sikandar
  55. M Saad Ali
  56. Rashid Latif
  57. Usama
  58. Umair Arshad
  59. Ishaque Ahmed
  60. Abdullah
  61. Iftikhar Hussain
  62. Pervaiz
  63. Ammad khan
  66. Taqweem Arshad
  67. Muhammad usman
  68. Shahxad malik
  69. Muhammad Ali
  70. Shehzad
  71. Shehzad
  72. Anas
  73. Mubashir
  74. Husnain Raza
  75. akash ali
  76. hammad akhtar
  77. Ahmed Raza
  78. Hamza umar
  79. saad waseem
  80. ammad
  81. Tauseef ahmad
  82. Mazhar Hussain
  83. Shazil
  84. Maaz raja khan
  85. Muhammad Manahal
  86. Muhammad Shahwaiz
  87. Hussain
  88. Arif afsar
  90. Muhammad Bilal
  91. Muhammad Aitizaz
  92. Malaika Akhtar
  93. Moeez khan
  94. Husnain Akbar Khan
  95. wasir ahmad
  96. wasir ahmad
  97. Sajjad Ul Hassan
  98. Hasrat Abbas
  99. Wajid ali
  100. Asif Iqbal
  101. adil mehmod
  102. Talal Anwar Abbasi
  104. Rana kashif nisar

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